Colle al Vento

Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Vacuum Pressed olive oil

Vacuum Pressing

The pressing is carried out as quickly as possible soon after the harvesting of the olives. The extraction is carried out in a vacuum environment with a low impact oxidation, giving the oil organoleptic qualities of the highest quality that will for a long period.

Biological Olive Oil

Colle al Vento produces olive oil from organic agriculture that respects the environment and preserves its nature. Colle al vento uses natural feeds and pest protection therefore eliminating all use of chemicals in its production of oil

Olive oil Certaldo Alto Florence

Certaldo Alto

The farm pf Colle al Vento is located in the medieval town of Certaldo Alto amongst the hills of Val d'Elsa, between Florence, Siena, San Gimignano and Volterra. The Tuscan landscape if perfect for the production of highest quality oil with superior characteristics.

Biological olive oil


The organic olive oil produced by Colle al Vento with its nutritional characteristics is a component for a healthy diet that can improve physical well being and quality of life. The oil conttains fatty acids similar to those present in the human body and a large amount of vitamins.